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Celluma Light Therapy

All-in-one device for Pain Management, Anti-aging and Acne

This FDA approved technology was originally invented by NASA and has been clinically proven to treat a variety of issues including - wrinkles, acne, pain management, hair growth and wound healing. Celluma uses three powerful wavelengths simultaneously in each of its three programs to upregulate a variety of compromised cells at different tissue depths. This is why Celluma is effective for so many different types of conditions. This can be added onto any treatment to enhance its effects or booked as a stand alone session.

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Radiant Aging

Red Light & near Infrared light penetrates deeply into the skin to boost collagen elastin production, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. Optimal results are achieved in ten sessions or less.


Natural Acne Reduction

Blue light targets acne by destroying superficial & deep bacteria on the skin giving you a glowing look and getting rid of stubborn acne.

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Pain Management

Lose your pain today!

Near Infrared light penetrates deeply into the muscles & tissues to reduce inflammation and pain. In just 30 minutes, you can expect to feel better*

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